InSINerator Joseph DiFrancesco

ISBN: 9781554043552

Published: May 18th 2006



InSINerator  by  Joseph DiFrancesco

InSINerator by Joseph DiFrancesco
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Homicide detective, Bob DiStanza, has been doggedly pursuing an active serial killer operating throughout the city of Philadelphia. As the lead investigator of a dedicated taskforce commissioned to stop this highly disciplined yet unyielding predatorMoreHomicide detective, Bob DiStanza, has been doggedly pursuing an active serial killer operating throughout the city of Philadelphia.

As the lead investigator of a dedicated taskforce commissioned to stop this highly disciplined yet unyielding predator of women, Bob struggles with the situations grim reality. The investigation is going nowhere.Thats about to change. Abrupt alterations in the crimes behavior begin to further baffle the long stagnant detective.

There are sudden changes, changes that make little sense considering the strict adherence to repetition the killer has shown throughout his reign of terror.Bob, however, isnt the only one whos become aware of these variations in activity. The killer has taken notice as well, and he isnt happy about it.Sometimes an entity can work between good and evil, exist only amid the gray shadows that connect black to white. Steadfast in its purpose, neither cop nor criminal can stand in its way.

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